Tech Talk Video
Demonstration controlling a Walthers switch machine.
This shows a Walthers switch machine being controlled with Touch Triggers using a potentially new controller product. The controller has a Digitrax LocoNet® compatible serial bus interface.

Inserting a wire into a spring type connector.

This shows how to insert a wire into a spring type connector that is used in some Team Digital products.

Using a servo to move roundhouse doors.
This includes showing a servo opening and closing roundhouse doors. In addition the SMC4 stall motor outputs can be used to control roundhouse lighting (not shown).

Demonstrating an enhanced feature of the SMC4.
This shows a servo moving a semaphore arm at three different speeds including the buffer cylinder (dash pot) speed. A N&G semaphore is shown. This feature is available in SMC4 version 15 or higher.

Note: The SMC4 servo package mentioned in the videos is no longer available except by special order.