MotoD - Satellite Motor Driver

The MotoD is capable of driving four low current Tortoise™ motors for switch machine applications. One of the Team Digital SRC16 family members is required to control and provide voltage to the MotoD. Up to four MotoDs can be connected to a single SRC16. This means the SRC16 could control up to 16 Tortoise™ motor switch machines.

The MotoD allows stall motors to be driven with a higher voltage than the 5 volts available from the SRC16 outputs. The MotoD output voltage is adjustable via only the SRC16 and SRC162.

Package MSRP - 23.95 USD, includes two MotoD boards
Manual in PDF format
MotoD and SRC16 w/MotoD Picture

Board size: 2.0" X 7/8"

The MotoD can not drive the SwitchMaster, Scale Shops, Switch Tender, Tillig or Fulgurex motors. May drive the Cobalt but not recommended. Note: 1/22/15 the Cobalt iP Analog has a much lower current requirement and should work oK.

Caution: Slow motion does not necessarily mean stall. A stall motor means it can stall (stop moving with power applied) and not draw a lot of current. The Tortoise™ is sort of the "standard". The Cobalt requires twice as much current as the Tortoise™.

motod diagram

This example diagram shows 4 MotoDs (two MotoD packages) connected to a SRC162e. Up to 16 Tortoise™. can be controlled.