TSA - Terminal Strip Adapter

The TSA is a terminal strip adapter used to make easy connection to Team Digital products. It plugs directly into the 10 pin connectors on our products. This eliminates the need for ribbon cable and additional connections. The TSA package includes 2 terminal strip adapter boards.

Package MSRP - 16.95 USD, includes two TSA boards
Manual in PDF format

Board size: 0.75" X 1.75"

The TSA has 10 screw terminals to connect wires to individual LEDS or signals.  Each of these 10 screw terminals is connected to one of the 10 pins in the product connector. Each adapter can handle eight inputs or outputs and 5 volts and ground with a screw terminal. There are eight build in resistors to limit LED current. Resistors are required with LEDs to limit the amount of current flowing thought the LED. Even though the TSA has build in resistors it can also be used for connecting to inputs.