Support Tools

These support tools are provided free.
JMRI and DecoderPro (part of JMRI) are open source and provided by a  community of developers.
To download a file, click on the file with the right mouse button and select from the pop-up menu.

JMRI Definition files for various products
The definition files for our current and discontinued products are now included with JMRI.
Instructions to help in programming Team Digital decoders with DecoderPro v4 and later.
Instructions to help in programming Team Digital decoders with DecoderPro previously to v4.

Tools for specific products
Download Excel spreadsheet with various SIC24 logic cell assignments  sic24_cell_asign.xls
This sheet gives a number of examples in using logic cells in the SIC24 Family of products. The examples include searchlight, approach lighting and semaphore type signaling. Once the cells have been assigned, you can use DecoderPro to determine the CV number and value to program

SRC8s marked with 44 or later required to work with DecoderPro.
Download Excel spreadsheet for SRC8 CV record and calculator SRC8_cv_cal.xls

Download Excel spreadsheet for SMD8 CV record and calculator SMD8_calculator.xls
This sheet was generously provided by Steve Baggott from Australia. It is oriented toward NCE users.

JMRI Jython script files
LN Send Tool:
The LN Send Tool is a JMRI script that allows you to  easily send several of the most common loconet type messages. These include switch, feedback and sensor type messages. DCC signal packets can also be sent via loconet. Messages are configured using radio buttons and combo boxes. It does not display (monitor) loconet message traffic. However, you can use the JMRI Loconet Monitor to view messages.
V 1.3 changed DCC Signal packet to match JMRI definition.
Download   LnSendTool.txt version 1.3 - 2/6/13

LN Monitor Tool:
The LN Monitor Tool is a JMRI script that allows you to view loconet messages. It has some basic switch, feedback and sensor type message filter capability. This is not the same as the Loconet Monitor that is built into JMRI. V 1.4 adds display of decoded signal address and aspect.
Download  LnMonitorTool.txt   version 1.4 - 4/13/13

Fun Tools:
Loco Back-N-Forth is a JMRI script that runs a loco back and forth between blocks 1 and 3 of a
three block (1,2,3) section. User enters loco number and max speed. It includes a scrolling field to show the state of activity.
Download   locoBack-N-Forth.txt   version 1.3 - 1/8/07

Note: Once you download the file, the txt extension must be changed to the Jython extension of py. JMRI will not recognize the txt extension as a script.

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